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juiiicyy's Journal

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chels. 15. flushing ny. sophmore @ francis lewis hs.
opinionated. realistic. i say what i mean & i mean what i say.
i'm not fake. i spit the truth. i have a short temper.
i fight alot. i chew with my mouth open. i act like a 3 year old.
i'm a spazz. i trip over my own feet. i act like an ass when i'm drunk.
i like letting my feelings out. i tend to have feelings for people i can't have.
i'm a bitch. i'm an asshole. i like making people feel like shit.
there`s only two absolutes in this world, me & vodka.
i wont just rain on ya parade, i`ll blow up all your floats.
i can refer anything & everything to sex.
i don`t give up on things i really care about.
i`m verbally abusive.
i know tons of people, but have very few friends.
i`m a STRAIGHT up bitch. i`ll tell you what i really think.
i`m not judgemental, so don`t judge me.
i will stomp a bitch out if she starts with me.
-if ya smell somethin stankin ; thas me cus im tha SHIT!.
i'm blunt. i'm truthful. sometimes i lie. sometimes i talk shit.

i love me. because me is just right.